Welcome to AriAnsh !

AriAnsh InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2013, with the intention of providing low cost, yet fully customised solutions to business enterprises. What started as a one-off project, has evolved into an organisation that has ventured into various types of businesses. Today, a number of businesses, both SME and larger manufacturing plants, use our services to automate their processes.

We have created customised solutions for a variety of business models, like schools, hotels, trading organisations, HR management, theatre companies etc.

We follow the waterfall model, allowing clients that have never used automation in their business enterprises before, to take time to get a feel of the solution, before embarking upon using it full-fledge.

We follow a modular approach, where the client starts with the basic modules, and then expands and builds on them, as and when they are ready.

Welcome to AriAnsh !

Members of Bookworms 'Login here'

'Bookworms' is our new venture. The love of books and the joy of being able to handle your own library membership, are the two sole factors that encouraged us to start 'Bookworms'.

'Bookworms' is the only completely online children's library in Hisar. The idea to to let children browse through the books on their own, order whatever they like, and be responsible for returning the books on time.

Books are delivered and picked up from the comfort of your home, at a convinient time. Timely SMS reminders regarding your membership are sent.

We are still on the trial model, so will tweak the business model through experience, if you have any suggestions for us, please do write to us.

Details of how to register, and the membership rules can be found on the 'Bookworms' page.